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The gallery has been updated with screencaptures from some episodes from season one of CSI.

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Take a look in the gallery for screencaptures from Conundrum, a tv movie from 1996 in which Marg played Det. Rose Ekberg.

A cop and her partner are trying to break a gambling racket in the Vietnamese community. But when her partner’s wife is murdered in a gruesome manner, the case takes on a personal cast, and they are up against the cops on their own precinct, as well as the villains on the street…and even each other.

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The gallery has been updated with HD screencaptures from bluray disc of Mr. Brooks, movie from 2007 in which Marg plays Mrs. Brooks, the criminal’s wife. Also the video archive has been updated with related material.

Featured Films > Mr. Brooks > Interview
Featured Films > Mr. Brooks > Official Trailer
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Take a look in the gallery for screencaptures from After Midnight, in which Marg played Alex, a night phone operator.

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I updated the video archive with a few interviews from events. Take a look!

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Behind Enemy Lines has enlisted CSI star Marg Helgenberger.

Fox announced Tuesday that the Emmy winner has joined the cast of the network’s pilot, which is loosely based on the 2001 film starring Owen Wilson.

Helgenberger, who starred as Catherine Willows on the first 12 seasons of CSI, will play Admiral Bobbie Decker, the highest-ranking woman in the military. Not one to mince words, Decker cares most about bringing her people home safely.

The pilot was written by Nikki Toscano (24: Legacy) and will be directed by McG (Charlie’s Angels). Described as “distinctively patriotic,” the prospective series will follow the many facets of the military, including those in Washington D.C., behind enemy lines, and on the nearby aircraft carrier.


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I have done a massive addon of pictures of events from 2008 to 2010. Some events have been added brand new, some others upgraded to a higher version, and some just added new pretties to watch at. Take a look at our gallery!

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In the last season, we discover the character of Christine Price, played by the well-known actress from “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”.

«Neal Baer (the writer), I know him since a while, he contacted me about joining the series», Marg Helgenberger tells. «I confess I never watched the other seasons. But still I accepted,  because he really created the role shaped on me. I couldn’t refuse.» The actress also has a great passion for Stephen King, from which books the series is inspired by. «I have worked with him already in a mini-series», she adds. «I am happy to have taken part to this series, even if now it’s over. The shooting took place in North Carolina, so close to the sea and those beautiful beaches.»

And as a matter of fact, while Under The Dome may be ended in the United States, in Europe it’s still going on. «People from all over the world love Stephen King’s work, he talks about very fascinating things. Everything that is close to the mystery attracts people.» But speaking about mystery, does the actress believe in UFOs like those we see in the series? «I can’t tell you that I don’t believe in them absolutely», she whispers. «I think that there’s other type of lives than humans.» Without any new project, at the moment, she enjoys watching her collegues on tv: «Like many, I love “Game of Thrones”, and also “Fargo”. Oh I adore “Breaking bad”. And sometimes I also watch Netflix, it gives you good alternatives. I am currently watching “Bloodline”. It’s really a great product.»

Translated from Ciné Télé Revue

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As first post, I start from the end. They have recently aired very last “episode” of CSI, named Immortality. I have to say it was an epic and great ending, an amazing conclusion to a wonderful series.
Enjoy the HD screencaptures.

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Hello everyone, welcome to the site. My name is Claudia, creator and huge fan of Marg since pilot of CSI, which makes it 16 years (OMG!)
Here is my little corner of paradise, that I want to share with you, for the passion and love for Marg that unite us all. I have been working on building this site slowly, piece by piece, ever since the summer; I wanted it to be my kind of perfection (that is always not perfect!) and little by little I arrived to collect in gallery already a number of almost 20,000 files!
There’s so much work still to do, so many pages still to build, but here we are, open and online working and sharing the fun.
Enjoy your stay, and visit often!

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