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The gallery has been updated with HD screencaptures from bluray disc of Mr. Brooks, movie from 2007 in which Marg plays Mrs. Brooks, the criminal’s wife. Also the video archive has been updated with related material. Featured Films > Mr. Brooks > Movie Screencaptures Featured Films > Mr. Brooks > Interview Featured Films > Mr. […]

Take a look in the gallery for screencaptures from After Midnight, in which Marg played Alex, a night phone operator. Featured Films > After Midnight > Movie Screencaptures

Feb 03, 17   0 Comment Career, CSI, Screencaptures

As first post, I start from the end. They have recently aired very last “episode” of CSI, named Immortality. I have to say it was an epic and great ending, an amazing conclusion to a wonderful series. Enjoy the HD screencaptures. Featured Films > CSI: Immortality > Movie Screencaptures